2-Belt Deck Drive System Exclusives

These robust features, available on the IS® 3200Z, IS® 2100Z and F210Z, offer enhanced reliability and productivity.

A Belt Guide

Steel arms help prevent belt from dislodging from serviceable cast-iron backside idler with dust shield.

B Deep Grooved Spindle Drive Pulleys

Deep grooves in the pulley provide for smoother engagement that’s less likely for a belt to dislodge or roll from the pulley.

C Heavy-duty Custom Optibelt® V-belt

Engineered for superior resistance to stretching and premature wear with a profile that transmits more power than classical v-belt profiles.

3-Year Belt Limited Warranty

2-belt decks come with a limited warranty† of three years (36 months) or 300 hours, whichever occurs first. The warranty covers parts & labor in year one and parts only in years two and three.